Encouragement Ministries is a compassionate, Christian presence in a crisis.We encourage patients and their families to discover and rely upon their spiritual resources during hospitalization.


Choosing the Right Card

Posted on February 28

Paulette Fewell has been working with Encouragement Ministries for nine months. She has been a wonderful addition to our work and I continue to be deeply grateful for her leadership and her gifted service. ¬†Recently, I had a conversation with her about Valentine‚Äôs day. As we talked, her mind became reflective about how carefully chosen […]

Listen To God

Posted on February 07

The First Lesson in Encouragement: Listen to God There are many practical suggestions to encouraging people when they are struggling and losing hope, but the first lesson in encouragement is not about what to say. It is to pay attention to God and to do the thing He asks you to do. I was reminded […]

November 2019 – Be “Right Here” for Those Around You

Posted on November 22

Twelve years ago, a baby boy was born. He weighed only 1lb 9 oz. After his birth, his father left the home. Since then, his mother and grandmother have raised him together. This young boy is autistic and has a great personality. He LOVES the Nashville Predators. In fact, he is obsessed with the Preds! […]

Encouragement Tips from Pat – August 2019

Posted on August 30

As I grew up in church, I learned how to pray. The strange thing is that when I was developing my prayer life as a young man, it was by trying to sound like the grown men praying. The result: I became a prayer parrot! I said the things that men said in church when […]