Encouragement Ministries is a compassionate, Christian presence in a crisis.We encourage patients and their families to discover and rely upon their spiritual resources during hospitalization.


When Things Get Stressful: May 2017 E-newsletter

Posted on May 25

Click here to read the May 2017 e-newsletter: When Things Get Stressful.

Working for EM Is Always an Adventure: April 2017 E-newsletter

Posted on May 22

Click here to read the April 2017 e-newsletter Working for EM Is Always an Adventure.

When Things Get Stressful

Posted on May 22

Working with Encouragement Ministries teaches me about facing life’s deepest challenges. I spend a lot of time in hospitals and similar environments with people dealing with a crisis. My patients and their families have gone ahead of me in this pilgrimage called life. I witness them in all their diversity, their strengths and weaknesses, and […]

Working for EM Is an Adventure!

Posted on April 19

Last week, I enjoyed another unexpected episode in this adventure called Encouragement Ministries. I arrived at Vanderbilt University Medical Center a few minutes early on Wednesday Morning. Because I had a little extra time, I took an indirect path to the hospital for exercise. Walking along the sidewalk in front of the VA Hospital, I […]