Encouragement Ministries is a compassionate, Christian presence in a crisis.We encourage patients and their families to discover and rely upon their spiritual resources during hospitalization.


The Abundant Life of Following Jesus: November 2017 E-newsletter

Posted on November 28

Click here to read the November 2017 e-newsletter: The Abundant Life of Following Jesus.

The Abundant Life of Following Jesus

Posted on November 27

For many people, the term “discipleship” seems very demanding, a sacrificial life that only a few are asked to take seriously. In American Christianity, many of us have been assured that if we simply make a doctrinally correct statement or have our “initiation” into Christianity performed correctly, then heaven is covered. For some, the assurance […]

Stepping Off the Safe Shore: October 2017 E-newsletter

Posted on October 29

Click here to read the October 2017 E-newsletter: Stepping Off the Safe Shore.

Stepping Off the Safe Shore

Posted on October 25

This abundant life in Jesus is amazing. I feel like a child standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean excited about the waves of the incoming tide and unable to grasp the depths that lie hidden beyond my limited field of vision. Often when God invites me to leave the shore, I protest that […]